Effortless Advertising with Results Like a Pro,
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Easily advertise on Google, Facebook, and more with zero work involved. Powered by AI, unmatched results.

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We Advertise Your
Business For You

Advertising is hard, expensive, and time consuming.
With BeeSwap it's now simple, affordable, and effective.
Give us a few details and we'll handle the rest.

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Learn About Your

•  Automatically scans your website
• Learns everything about your business
• Creates value propositions, user personas, target audiences, pain points you solve, etc.

# 02 / 05

Understand Your Customers

• Figures out your ideal customer profiles
• Determines placements to reach your audience
• Plans best ad types and targeting methods

# 03 / 05

Create Advertisements

• A/B tests 1,000s+ of ads to optimize performance
• Writes hyper relevant and personalized ads
• Ads created by personas, value props, etc.

# 04 / 05

Measure Performance

• Launches ads on Google, Facebook, and many other Ad networks
• Tracks and measures all important metrics to get the best results (CPC, CTR, CVR, CPA, ROAS)

# 05 / 05

Rigorous Optimization

• Automatically determines which campaigns and ads perform
• Scale campaigns and ads that result in low CPA and high ROAs and remove ones that underperform
• Optimize 24/7 to drive the best results possible

Scanning Your Business
Learn about your audience
Create advertisements
Measure Performance
Optimize AI Ad Performance
Reach Every Customer

BeeSwap Tackles Every Way You Can Advertise

BeeSwap does everything for you from testing, learning and optimizing on your behalf. The end result is getting you the highest ROI.

Business Information
BeeSwaps AI Advertising System

 Reach The Top
 Ad Networks

Test different Ad Networks from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Target Every
Potential Customer

Try every targeting method and ad type from search, display, etc.

A/B Test
Thousands of Ads

BeeSwap will write personalized ads by persona and value propositions

BeeSwaps Learning Loop
working 365 Days A year

Optimized with Constant Feedback Loops 24/7

BeeSwap’s AI learns which ads work, and which ones don’t. It uses these learning to create new ads and drive higher performing ads.

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BeeSwap Advertises Your Business At The Top Ad Networks

• BeeSwaps connects to the backend of  Ad networks (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.)
• This results in finding the best customers possible for your business

BeeSwap Ad Networks Supported
Coming Soon - The Dashboard

Your Command Center
to Track Everything

A whole new way to track advertising performance that's specifically designed for you. Simple and actionable insight to grow your business.

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BeeSwaps AI Dashboard
our team

The Team Behind BeeSwap

We're a 2 person team with over 12 years of experience
in Paid Acquisition and Software Engineering
and have managed over 10M in Paid Acquisition.

Spencer Bratman - Co-Founder

Spencer Bratman | Co-Founder

Previously lead growth at Venmo. Before that, Lead Paid Acquisition at Teachable & Fullstack Academy

Corey Greenwald - Co-Founder

Corey Greenwald | Co-Founder

Previously worked at Google as an Engineer working on Google Ads. Before that, was a Lead Engineering Instructor at Fullstack Academy


Still Have Questions Buzzing?

Have other questions? Email us at: hello@beeswap.com

I want to advertise, what work is involved?
Essentially no work involved. During onboarding, our team will install tracking to measure conversions (either we can install or give you instructions, from there, we take care of the rest.
How do I track performance?
We'll give you access to your private dashboard where we'll give you information on budget spent, impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per acquisiton, etc.
How much does BeeSwap charge?
Our pricing is dynamic since it's based on budget, but typically ranges from 10% to 25% (based on cost per click).
How do you track conversions?
During onboarding our team will install a tracking pixel to measure conversions across all ad networks. We can do this for you during onboarding to make it easy.
I have other questions
Not a problem! We'd love to help answer your questions. Send us an email at: hello@beeswap.com

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